17/10/13 - Interview With Matt Ewens

Jesscia talks to Matt about Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, horror fiction and self-publishing.


14/06/13 - Interview with Paul Dorset

Jessica talks to Paul about writing rituals, finding the time to write and plotting storylines.


24/02/13 - Interview with Morgen Bailey

Jessica talks to Morgen about self-publishing, favourite characters and how to deal with writer's block.


24/01/13 - Interview with Staffordshire Newsletter

Jessica talks to journalist Sarah Marshall about travelling, writing courses, and Midsomer Murders!





“Jessica Grace Coleman is one of the most exciting new writers around. Her stories inspire, entertain and mesmerise. An absolute must-read.” – Adam Croft, English author.


The Former World (Little Forest 1)


“Couldn’t put it down. I downloaded this book on a whim as it was by a local Staffordshire author and I am so glad I did. From the first page the characters are so well-written that you feel you know them, while the dialogue is natural and believable throughout. The plot moves effortlessly between murder-mystery and paranormal suspense without ever missing a step. There’s one particularly creepy scene set in a cinema which is so chilling that I almost get goose pimples just thinking about it. I’m just glad that there are two sequels already available – I am currently racing through book two, Memento Mori, and finding it just as enjoyable as the first. I will definitely keep looking out for future books in the Little Forest series.”


“Amazing first work. I couldn’t believe this was the first published novel from this author. Her work has a sophistication and style which other more well known authors lack. The story gripped me from the beginning right up to the end. The amount of detail packed into this book is immense but it still manages to flow at an exciting pace which kept me interested throughout. Oh, and the ending is just amazing! I was NOT expecting that!”


“I downloaded this book after reading an article about the author in the local paper. Chick lit is more usually my genre, but I was gripped by this. I gather Coleman plans her books meticulously, and it shows; the plot is complex and multi-threaded, but I didn’t spot any holes and I didn’t guess the ending! The writing is confident and the characters are believable and likeable. There is a definite story arc through the series; the first mystery is resolved within this book but there are plenty of loose ends left hanging for the rest of the series – enough for me to immediately download the next one! Oh and if you are local (like me) it’s fun to spot the locations used in the book – and the ones that are made up!”


“Intriguing, original concepts. Very strong and believable characters. A well paced, easy to read story, all presented from the point of view of the main character, whose sense of humour I really enjoyed and related to. I’m quite sure this book will be picked up by a big publisher.”


“I loved this book, took me a little while to get into the very descriptive prose at the start, but I soon got drawn in and couldn’t put it down, a great read, thoroughly recommended and can’t wait for Jessica to write more about the not so sleepy little backwater.”


“Loved it! A gripping tale which leaves you wanting more, couldnt wait to find out the outcome. Loved the writing style.”


“A brilliant debut from Jessica Grace Coleman who creates a world that’s easy to get lost in for a while. And all set around macabre backdrop of Halloween – what’s better for a tale of ghosts, ghouls and other things that go bump in the night? I urge everyone to take a trip to Covershire!”


“This was an excellent read, with a thumping good mystery. I’d definitely recommend this book – I couldn’t put it down all day. There’s mystery, an interesting plot and great characters – check it out!”


“Just finished reading The Former World and really enjoyed it. A good story well written in an easy going style which non the less keeps you wondering what is coming next. The characters and locations all feel ‘real’ and the dialogue reflects the modern idiom. The story revolves around a group of people in their early twenties who live in a country village and the apprehensions and aspirations of young people in this environment are well represented. Add all of that to the weird happenings that the group experience and you have a really readable story. Can’t wait for the next one!”


“I had no idea when beginning this book just how enthralling it would be. Not an easy subject to write about, but undertaken with obvious research and based on an area well known to the author. The story kept me wanting for more and I am looking forward to the follow up.”


“I loved this book. I really could not put it down and have already started on the next one. The main character is very convincing, I actually feel like I know her and her friends! She is a weird combination of the person you really want to be and the person you would dread being. The balance between the supernatural elements of the story and the unbearable humanity of the characters (both good and bad) was perfect. Coleman has a very relaxed writing style that is easy and pleasurable to read. I love this type of writing and can honestly say that this book is so much better than so many others of the same genre. I can wait for the next one in the series…and the next…”


“I don’t want to give anything away about this book, but it's a good spooky read, I liked the main character Beth and had to change my mind several times about her friends and acquaintances as the plot twisted and turned in and around a nice gruesome mystery. A perfect choice for a winter read if you like ghostly stories on dark nights.”


“Quite a different story. No sex or violence, but a connection with spirits makes this a good read. It’s nice to find something to hold my interest out of the ordinary every day stuff.”


“Best indie book I’ve read in a long time.”


“A great first novel from Jessica Grace Coleman. Had me gripped from the outset, believable characters and many twists and turns! One not to miss!”


“A one-in-a-million début book. It’s incredibly rare to find truly great self-published books and even rarer for your first book to be any good (and I should know…) but The Former World gives the reader a wealth of entertainment and suspense, drawing you in to the mysterious and wonderful world of Little Forest. As someone who doesn’t do so well with fantasy or science fiction, I was initially worried that the book would be a little too supernatural for me. Having read Poe, Lovecraft and King, I can honestly say that Coleman has successfully been the first author to really bridge the gap that makes the supernatural very natural indeed. The occasional elements of fantasy really are very cleverly woven into the story, giving it an all too real feel which is the key to true horror gold.”


“This was a great and exciting read. What I liked about this book was the way events unfolded in Beth Powers' life. Slowly but surely events unfold and you get a sense of something dark and creepy going on. You feel for the main character and it leaves you wanting to read more to find out what she does, while things start turning against her. I can say this is well worth a read and that’s coming from someone who struggles to keep an interest in many books. This definitely captivated me and I’d certainly recommend this.”


“A top class book from a great writer. A most excellent book. Jessica is able to keep you on the edge of your seat and the story just keeps you wanting to carry on reading. Looking forward to the next one.”


“Wow. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy a free book so much. Well written, fast paced and gripping. I can’t wait to read more about Little Forest and the Former World. I read this book every spare moment and did not want to put it down. Loved it. The plot lines were intriguing and Beth’s introduction to the former world left the reader feeling as spooked as Beth herself. Some of the books I’ve downloaded have left me feeling short changed as they read more like short stories, or a condensed version of the full book. This was definitely a full book.”


“Stunning! This books starts with the kind of line that grabs you by the face and doesn’t let go until you’ve agreed to read the whole thing – almost in one sitting! Staggeringly good, written with the flair of an established writer and definitely deserves the reviews it’s been getting. The characters are compelling, and the descriptions of small-town life finely drawn and evocative. An absolute belter of a first novel, and I’ll definitely be catching up with the rest.”


“Excellent read. Downloaded for free, absolutely loved it and getting next one now. I wasn’t expecting much but found this book intriguing and hard to put down, the characters are well written and can relate to them, wondering where it’s all going to go. Thoroughly enjoyed it & if you like a good mystery of the ghostly kind give this a go. Excellent.”


"I stumbled upon this book by sheer accident and was encapsulated by the cover. Jessica Grace Coleman you hooked me from the word go and absorbed me into the setting of Little Forest and I have not enjoyed a read like this for a long time. Thank you."


Memento Mori (Little Forest 2)


“Excellent sequel! I have read the other books in this series and have really enjoyed them all. The suspense, action, story lines and twists and turns make for excellent entertainment. I’m really impressed by the style and sophistication of such a new author and will continue to follow her work with eagerness!”


“It’s a great follow up to ‘The Former World’ and we catch up with some old friends as well as meeting some new ones. There’s always something new to catch your imagination and a surprise around the corner. Can’t wait for the next one.”


“Fantastic. ain’t got shit on Beth Powers.”


“The second in an increasingly gripping and unmissable series. It’s tricky to get your second book to follow the success of your first, but Coleman continues to dazzle and amaze. I loved The Former World and Memento Mori pulled me even further into the mysterious world of Little Forest. The characters’ backgrounds and relationships are explored in greater detail, allowing the reader to build lasting connections with them. Full of wonderful twists and a gripping plot line and I can’t wait to read the third!”


“Fantastic read. I have read the first two books and really enjoyed them! They’re full of dark secrets, laughter, twists, turns, suspense, and surprises! I have entered a wonderful world that I never knew existed! Can’t wait to see what dark secrets are revealed in the third fab Little Forest novel! Definitely recommended!”


“The continuing story of the Little Forest Investigations crew shows the developing characteristics of the team and other towns people. An enjoyable story that leaves the reader waiting for the next instalment.”


“Excellent 2nd book. Just loved this book. First time in ages that I’ve read a follow on book that still has the oomph of the first and leaving me desperate to download the 3rd. The story has some good twists and real imagination. Strongly recommend.”


The Exalted (Little Forest 3)


“Really enjoyed the third in the series. The characters continue to develop as does the story. There’s always a new twist and something to keep you wondering what’s coming next. The stage is also set for the next instalment…Great stuff!”


“Having now read all three Little Forest books, I can’t wait for the next. So many loose ends in a thrilling series, that literally take you out of this world. Keep writing Jessica!”


“Having read and thoroughly enjoyed the previous two books in this series, I found that the third installment continues to provide suspense, twists and great plots. Quite simply, one of the country’s most talented writers at the moment. Can’t wait for more in the series!”


“Couldn’t put it down. I have read the other books in the Little Forest series and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. The action moves at a steady pace which keeps you engrossed in what's going on but still lets you savour every detail. The twists and turns are excellent. This series is comparable to well known authors. I would recommend this story to everyone!”


Carnival Masquerade (Little Forest 4)


“The LFI team are up to their armpits in drama, this time especially Will. A great tale in this volume of the series. The characters are engaging and new characters (or are they old characters) are beginning to come through. The lives of the major players and how they interrelate with each other is developing very nicely. The use of individual stories as the background for the volumes works very well. This carnival volume with a theme of possession is a great example of this. We have been given an insight into the next volume with a few twists that I did not see coming. I look forward to the next development in this great series.”


"Again Jessica draws you into Beth's world and you find yourself feeling like you are there. As with the previous books, once you start reading you don't want to stop."


Grown By The Wicked Moon (short story collection)


“This book of short stories is filled with surprises. Each story is different, yet captivates and takes your breath away. This will keep you thinking long after you put the book down. An excellent read.”


“Short stories of delight. The short stories here are varied and well presented. The Etiquette Of Being A Ghost is a highlight. Apocalypse 101 has a wonderful twist. I am sure you will enjoy these stories.”