My story? I help female entrepreneurs find their voice, tell their story and attract their dream clients so they can make more money while making an impact.

do you...

  • Struggle to identify and/or connect with your ideal client?

  • Dread having to come up with consistent content online?

  • Have an epic story to tell but no idea how to tell it?

  • (Or don't know what your brand story is or how to link it to your biz)?

  • Wish you had a clear and distinctive brand voice?

  • Wish you had more of a purpose to what you're doing?

  • Desire to make more of an impact on your clients and the world?

  • Want to attract your dream clients and make more money?

If you're ready to communicate your message clearly & effectively

If you're ready to quickly create awesome copy & content

If you're ready to take the stress out of creating your dream business

If you're ready to tell the world your epic story and really serve others

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meet jess.

Hey there!


I'm Jess, a writing and mindset expert who shows you how to be the best, most successful version of yourself – all through the magical power of storytelling.

I'm the creator of the Write Your Life Method, which combines fun writing exercises with mindset tools and techniques to help you set your ambitious goals and design your dream life.

If you're a female entrepreneur I also help you Write Your Business by teaching you how to find your distinctive voice, tell your unique story, and attract your ideal clients – all while making money and making an impact.


We are the authors of our own lives, but many of us never even pick up the pen. Let me show you how.



are you a lifer?

If you learn the Write Your Life Method – via the books, the course, the free Write Your Life Guide, or the private Facebook group – I will bestow upon you the title of 'Write Your Lifer'.


The Write Your Lifers are a pretty cool group of people to be a part of, as it means you are one of the few individuals in this world who has big dreams and who isn't afraid to actually go after them. I salute you.

To become a Lifer right now, get your free Write Your Life Guide, which is bursting full of helpful tips, tools & techniques on how you can Write Your Life. It even includes both the intro and chapter one from the actual Write Your Life book.


What can I say? I'm generous like that.

So, what do you think? Want to become a Lifer?


  • save time with our easily editable templates

  • save money by not hiring out all your copy

  • receive bespoke feedback on your writing and brand voice

  • take the stress out of writing for your business

  • learn how to write your unique & epic brand story

  • learn how to design your dream life with your ultimate dream blueprint

  • identify your ambitions and set your life goals

  • have fun and get creative with our mindset writing exercises

  • write yourself into an epic story with you as the hero

  • online course and workbook


Have you ever wished your life was a novel, and that you were the brilliantly brave protagonist, overcoming your inner demons and fighting the good fight in order to live the life you’ve always dreamed of?


Well, I’m here to tell you it is possible. After all, what is life if not a blank book waiting for us to fill each page with our own wonderful, thrilling, magical story?


The sad thing is, many of us forget that; we just let life happen to us instead of going out and making things happen. We tell ourselves there’s nothing we can do. We allow our pasts to dictate our future.


We let the novel of our life write itself, no matter how mundane, stressful, or depressing that book may turn out to be.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way!


Whether you’re a writer or nonwriter, you can complete the specially designed exercises in this book to help you come to terms with your past, learn how to really live in the present, and – most importantly – take the steps you need to get yourself on the right path... a path that will take you right to your dream life.


You are the author of your own life, so pick up that pen and get writing!


The companion book to Write Your Life: The Ultimate Life Hack For Achieving Your Dreams.​


With an awesome new prompt for every single day of the year – all designed to help you improve your life, revamp your mindset, and have a whole lot of fun in the process – this book is the ideal accompaniment to Write Your Life (though you don’t need to have read that book to use the prompts in Write Your Year). 


These prompts are a mix of writing exercises, small (and big) challenges, mindset tools and techniques, fun things to do with friends and family, ideas for paying it forward and helping others, goal-setting tasks, and book/podcast/website recommendations to help you with your very own personal development journey.

Challenge yourself to complete one prompt a day, or pick up the book every so often to get a quick burst of inspiration, encouragement, and motivation.


You can even gather a group of friends and complete the prompts together!

This book will help you change your life, one day at a time. Are you ready for the challenge?

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