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Write Your Life: The Ultimate Life Hack For Achieving Your Dreams


Are you ready to Write Your Life? This is my first self-development book and course, and I'm super proud of it – especially considering the way my clients have used it to change their mindsets, come up with their life goals, and go after their dreams. I call these awesome people Write Your Lifers, and you can become one right here. But what's it all about?

Have you ever wished your life was a novel, and that you were the brilliantly brave protagonist, overcoming your inner demons and fighting the good fight in order to live the life you've always dreamed of? Well, I'm here to tell you it's possible. After all, what is life if not a blank book waiting for us to fill each page with our own wonderful, thrilling, magical story?​ The sad thing is, many of us forget that; we just let life happen to us instead of going out and making things happen.


Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Life is what you make it. Life is what you write it to be. And you can write whatever you want. Let me show you how.


The Write Your Life Method gives you the tools and techniques you need to identify your ambitions, plan your goals, and – ultimately – achieve all your wildest dreams, all while having fun and getting creative. With Write Your Life, you’ll be writing yourself into an epic tale of glorious highs, not so great lows, and amazing triumphs – a fictional story that, through doing the exercises in these pages, you get to turn into fact. With this book, you can Write Your Life – and you can start right now.​

If you're still not sure whether this is the book for you, check out the Write Your Life book page – which is bursting with reviews – and sign up to our mailing list. When you subscribe you'll get sent a free Write Your Life ebook guide, which includes the intro and chapter one of the book completely free, plus some info on the Write Your Life Method and 10 Ways To Change Your Life. Who doesn't love free stuff?!

If you're already raring to read it, click on the links below to buy the book online!

Write Your Year: 365 Ways To Change Your Year And Your Life – the companion book to Write Your Life: The Ultimate Life Hack For Achieving Your Dreams – is out now!

We are the authors of our own lives, but many of us never even pick up the pen. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Life is what you make it. Life is what you write it to be. And you can write whatever you want. Let me show you how with this brand new prompt book.


With an awesome new prompt for every single day of the year – all designed to help you improve your life, revamp your mindset, and have a whole lot of fun in the process – this book is the ideal accompaniment to Write Your Life (though you don’t need to have read that book to use the prompts in Write Your Year). 


These prompts are a mix of writing exercises, small (and big) challenges, mindset tools and techniques, fun things to do with friends and family, ideas for paying it forward and helping others, goal-setting tasks, and book/podcast/website recommendations to help you with your very own personal development journey.

Challenge yourself to complete one prompt a day, or pick up the book every so often to get a quick burst of inspiration, encouragement, and motivation. You can even gather a group of friends and complete the prompts together!

This book will help you change your life, one day at a time. Are you ready for the challenge?

You can also get a completely free Write Your Year Planner to use in conjunction with the book – don't say I never give you anything!

Companion book to

Write Your Life!

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Write Your Business: Harness The Power Of Words For Your Business, Brand or Side Hustle

Whether you're just starting out with your business or side hustle or you've been doing it for years, one thing never changes: the importance of words and writing when it comes to putting yourself out there, building your brand, and communicating your all-important message

There's website copy, email copy, social media captions, blog content, scripts for videos, slogans & tag lines, product & service descriptions, newsletters... the list goes on and on.


And what if you want to write a PDF guide to sell to your clients, or an ebook to gift to your newsletter subscribers? Perhaps you even want to write your own book, an autobiography or a how-to guide that will get more people looking at your business? How do you even know where to start?


You can start by reading this book! Bursting with advice, checklists, real life examples, and templates that you can take and use for your own business – as well as a step-by-step process you can follow to write your own book – Write Your Business is a must-have for business owners, side hustlers, and anyone building their personal brand.

Uplevel your business

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P.S. I also write fiction...

Long before I got into the self-development space, I used my love of words to write fiction, which is also when I started learning all about editing, self-publishing, and everything else involved with putting a book out into the world. 

The first novel I wrote was The Former World, book one in the Little Forest paranormal mystery series:

Twenty-one year old Beth Powers is fed up with living in the tiny, gossip-fuelled village of Little Forest and resolves to escape to London with best friend, Veronica Summers. That is, until the body of Beth’s colleague Emma Harris is found in the nearby woods, setting off the small community’s well-oiled rumour mill.


Beth soon finds herself in the middle of a bizarre village conspiracy: Was Emma’s death really accidental? Why are Beth’s nearest and dearest cutting her out of their lives? And what does it all have to do with the conveniently-timed arrival of handsome new resident, Connor Maguire?


With the help of new ally Will Wolseley, Beth delves into the village’s sinister secrets and uncovers a terrifying truth about herself that could change her life forever. Will Beth decide to leave her childhood home for good? And, more importantly, will Little Forest let her go?

ALSO AVAILABLE: Memento Mori, The Exalted, Carnival Masquerade, The Gloaming, The Downfall, Grown By The Wicked Moon and more.

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