The world is falling apart. The end is nigh. The Downfall is coming... but not if Scarlett Steele can help it. 


A sixth form student in a North London college, Scarlett’s days are filled with school, homework, and writing her blog – ‘Truth Not Terror’ – in which she reports on the world’s atrocities and tries to spread the message that ‘peace will prevail’.


She’s a believer that somehow, somewhere, among all the shootings, the stabbings, and the bombings, there is still some humanity left in mankind. Still some hope. But what if she’s wrong? 


On the day of The Broadcast, everything changes, and when Scarlett and her friend Seth meet the mysterious Adriana, it’s only a matter of time before their world is turned completely upside down. And that’s just the start. 


Will Scarlett and her friends discover the truth? Will they choose to stand up and fight before it’s too late? And more importantly, will they be able to stop The Downfall? 

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In my Young Adult book, The Downfall, the main character, Scarlett Steele, runs a blog - 'Truth Not Terror' - and sells wristbands to raise money for charity. I thought it might be nice to do this in real life, so I've created the Truth Not Terror Campaign, selling purple wristbands with the phrases 'Truth Not Terror' and 'Peace Will Prevail' on each side.


In the novel I wanted to address some of the issues we unfortunately find ourselves dealing with these days - school shootings, terrorist attacks, suicide bombings, domestic abuse - but I also wanted to find a more practical way of helping the people affected by these terrible incidents, so £1 of every wristband I sell will be split between the following charities:


British Red Cross - Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal

Refuge - Domestic Abuse Charity

OneFamily - Helping Israel's Victims Of Terror And War

Refugee Action - 'We survived. Help us live'