Writing/Editing Services


As well as writing her own books, Jessica offers many services to writers, whether you are well-established or new to the world of self-publishing. As a self-published author herself, Jessica realises that you don't have thousands to spend on an editor or proofreader, and therefore offers her services at extremely competitive prices.


Here are just some of the services which Jessica offers:


  • Basic proofreading of novels, short stories or other pieces of writing

  • In-depth editing of novels, short stories or other pieces of writing

  • Content writing for your author website or blog

  • Virtual assistant for your writing project (including conducting research, proofreading, editing, checking for historical inaccuracies and more)

  • Helping you with your self-publishing queries

  • Writing encouragement service (keeping you on top of your work, creating a timetable you can stick to, helping you when you get stuck and more)

  • Writing a blurb or synopsis for your novel or other writing

  • Creating a detailed structure or outline for your novel or other writing

  • Ghostwriting your novel or memoir

  • Any other help you need with your writing project


Rates start from just £5 per 1000 words for basic editing, so get in touch today to see how you can improve your writing or further your writing project.

At the moment payment is accepted through Paypal or via cheque or BACS if you live in the UK.


For more information on the services Jessica offers, take a look at her Coleman Editing website!


Not sure if you want to use this service? Jessica offers you the chance to 'try before you buy' - just send up to 500 words to be edited/proofread to author@jessicagracecoleman.com and she'll do the work for free. She can also offer samples of her writing/work for her other services as well.

Get A Quote Now

If you want to get a no-obligation quote or if you just want to discuss your needs further, you can get in touch with Jessica via email - author@jessicagracecoleman.com - or via the form on the contact page.


Prices start from just £5 per 1000 edited words and she is happy to help with any writing project, large or small.