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Little Forest Paranormal Mystery Series

Box Set, Novels 1 - 4

Twenty-one year old Beth Powers is fed up with living in the tiny, gossip-fuelled village of Little Forest and resolves to escape to London with best friend, Veronica Summers.


That is, until the body of Beth’s colleague Emma Harris is found in the nearby woods, setting off the small community’s well-oiled rumour mill.


With the help of new ally Will Wolseley, Beth delves into the village’s sinister secrets and uncovers a terrifying truth about herself that could change her life forever. Will Beth decide to leave her childhood home for good? And, more importantly, will Little Forest let her go?


UK Price: £6.49

US Price: $9.99

Creative Ways To Start Creative Writing

Box Set, Volumes 1 - 3

Do you love writing but find it hard to get in the ‘zone’? Do you love the idea of being creative but find it difficult to get in the creative mood? Do you procrastinate instead of being productive?


If so, then this book is for you. It is several things in one: some tips on how to start thinking about writing, some recommendations for apps and programs that will help you on your way, and – hopefully – a kick up the arse that so many writers (including me) often need.


Buy all three volumes of Creative Ways and save money!




UK Price: £3.99

US Price: $5.99