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The Vanished

A Little Forest Paranormal Mystery Book Six

Beth Powers is a pretty normal young woman. She has a sister, a great group of friends, and a steady – if slightly boring – job. She lives in the traditional English village of Little Forest. Oh, and she can see dead people.


It’s the aftermath of the biggest tragedy the village has ever seen, and it’s time for Little Forest Investigations to step up their game, especially with the Say No To Mediums campaign still going strong and the Phase Two branch following their every move…


Still, when LFI realise just how many people have gone missing from the county of Covershire over the last few hundred years, they simply have to look into it. Why is the number so high? What happened to them? And where did they all vanish to?


Join Beth and the rest of the LFI gang in this Little Forest novel as they delve deeper into the biggest conspiracy they’ve ever come across, dealing with death in more ways than one as they start to separate their allies from their enemies.


Can Beth find out the truth about all the missing people in time? Or will she, too, become one of The Vanished?


The Vanished is set for release in 2016/2017.

Midnight Remains

Short Story Collection

Jessica's second short story collection, Midnight Remains carries on where Grown By The Wicked Moon left off, with more weird and wonderful tales that will get you peering under your bed and checking in your wardrobe before you settle down to sleep.


Confirmed stories in the collection include: The November Fair, Midnight In The Mountains, The Back Field, The Keeper Of The Lift, Maria, The Hidden Garden, Friends For Dinner, Sixteen Sides, Beneath The Trees, The Quiet Room, The Expressionless, Moral Hygiene and The Pub.


Midnight Remains is set for release in 2016/2017.


The Starling

Darkford Chronicles Book One

The town of Darkford harbours many secrets…


One of which is The Starling.


When Courtney Hill starts seeing signs of an enigmatic figure creeping around her small town, her first thoughts are of a sinister someone with an evil agenda. However, as Courtney knows, things aren’t always as they seem – especially in a town like Darkford.


Torn between minding her own business and following the fascinating stranger deep into his mysterious world, Courtney must make a decision that could change her life forever. Once you know about The Starling, there’s no turning back.


Meet the residents of this small English town in the first Darkford Chronicles novel – if you dare.


The Starling is set for release in 2016/2017.

Also Coming Soon

Books Two and Three in The Downfall Trilogy, The Rebellion and The Revolution

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